Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The clipboards holding things, a flat glass ornament looking for the right stamp combinations, a silk flower that was daubled with by paint, garden and camping brads finally brought to the craftroom after a 4 year wait (no expiration date on them thankfully). Distress Inks to be labelled. And in the back, cards that didn't pass muster, but will live another day as something smaller (like clipboard art).

Besides the versatility of the clipboards, it's fun to make small bite-sized projects. The Proud Member of the Coffee Achievers was made because I had never used that happy bean stamp. Then I started experimenting with a bit of organza ribbon and a brooch pinned on the ribbon..

If you are pining because you can't find a little clipboard, don't fret. Tim Holtz has the little clips, so you can make your own with wood, chipboard, metal etc.

Saturday I went to my monthly (spinning) guild meeting for a workshop requiring a wheel (instead of my usual spindles). Only I had forgotten the wheel wasn't working properly, so I spent most of the meeting fiddling with it. Of course I forgot about it when I got home until I noticed a bag stuffed with 4 oz of angora fiber had burst open.

The other part of my workdesk this week is on my Lendrum spinning wheel (all clean, oiled where it should be oiled and the wobbly wheel spinning much truer). Yes, I'm spinning the angora over the mystery orange from last summer. Not really sure what I'm doing with either lol. Another thing about spinning angora, it makes me think of the quote delivered by Johnny Depp in the film Ed Wood, "Don't you think angora has a certain tactile sensuality lacking in all other fabrics?"

 Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more WOYWW fun.


jill said...

Yout going to be kept busy with your projects which look real fun. Happy woyww Jill #26

Eliza said...

I have never spun wool, I am lazy and purchase it from shops, not the same I know.

Thanks for sharing maybe you could do a post on just spinning it would be really interesting for dumb people like me. LOL

Eliza & Yoda 102

Carole said...

Wow you spin...I don't know anything about that.
Thanks for sharing Carole 115

Jackie said...

Angora is such a warm soft wool ...... Have fun using it ..,you have lots going on !
Jackie 15

fairy thoughts said...

love the little clip boards, especially the hiker picture .... where did you get that?
Now I have an image of johnny Depp and a spinning wheel... not sure what to do with it now LOL
janet #23

Karen Ives said...

I love this there are all sorts going on. Sign of a creative mind flitting form one thing to another!
Karen #64

Janene McAnally said...

Still loving the little clip boards and seeing what you are doing with them! Spinning angora, my head shakes at all the talents that I see going around the desks on WOYWW! Have a great week :-).
Janene #47

Nan G said...

Oh loving the mini clipboards! Angora sadly makes me itch. :( But I do look forward to seeing what you do with it. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #98