Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kick Ass Gift Bag Tutorial

I'm really quite pleased with the gift bag. In this case it's a brown paper lunch bag. Fold the bottom of the bag so it looks like an upside down "y" (so the front and back are both the same).  With a fold (vary the fold height with content), measure paper to the width of the bag and up to the fold line (repeat for back). Then measure paper for the fold. I used my ATG to adhere all the pieces.

A closeup of the badge (another tutorial on badge making will follow soon). Additional things can be pinned to the ribbon tails if you've a mind to do so. The stamps are from two of Kelly Purkey's Simon Exclusives, F Bomb and Like a Boss. The rosette is from the Tim Holtz Rosette die.

I'm not sure why the pin-back photographed so curvy, but take my word for it that it is actually straight. I used an standard hole punch to allow the ends to go through the top of the back easily.

Here's my favorite practical bit, a pocket for the card.  Just make a pocket using your favorite technique and attach it to the back. Keeps the card with the gift easy peasy (lemon squeezey).

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