Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tea to Go with Mr. Darcy

A gift for someone who gets frequently gets self-serve beverages to go, frequently in company of other people who have the same cups. A Coffee Cozy not only keeps one from burning one's fingers, it says "hey this is the cup you are looking for".  The giftee is also a big Jane Austen fan. I thought the "Mr. Darcy" silhouette from Papertrey Ink's Simply Jane stamp and die set would be the perfect decoration. The Coffee Cozy base is cut from Papertrey Ink's Coffee Cozy die set.

 The stitching on the sides is done with naturally brown Corriedale handspun embroidery thread. The felt used for the Coffee Cozy is Papertrey Ink Fine Linen felt. It really is a wonderful felt. The embellishments are made with much less luxrious "craft" felt from big box stores.

The Multi Medium Matte is only there to provide scale to the size of Mr. Darcy. He is so small that trying to stitch him onto the Limitless Layers: 2 1/4" Ovals would be way too fiddly for me. Then I remembered, I have needle felting supplies. I realized I missed a few edges while I was stitching down the oval so I did a quick touch up.

I really like this brush needle felting support by Clover. The needles are wicked sharp, and they have little barbs to carry the felt from one layer into the next layer. The bristles allow the needle to go through the fabric and not bring anything back up.

This is what it looked like after the touch up.


3 Happy Crafters said...

Oh my word! I love that you felted your Mr Darcy! But, you have no idea what you've started ... I was so intrigued with the concept and the possibility it opens up with all the PTI non-stitching dies ... I am obsessed!! The day I saw your post, I ran out to get a felting mat & needles, die cut some of Heather's cute kitties, and went to town felting. It's so much fun! I'm so excited (and scared) to add some color to make my kitty's face come alive. I'll post a photo in the forum when I get it done (if it's share-worthy lol!). Thanks so much for sharing and starting me on this fun crafty journey!! I'm sure your friend is going to love your creation! :)

Ohhh Snap said...

3 Happy Crafters, you have made my week! Seriously I can't wait to see your projects!!