Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A cat has snuck into the craftroom and knocked over a stack of inkpads. The desk pelican has saved the Royal Velvet. To the right is my ultra glamorous photo booth (a sheet of white cardstock). The color blocked card is all one layer. The last card of Papertrey Ink's Stamp-a-faire 2016.  There are blending foams to put away and the last stamp to be cleaned and returned to its companions.

Today is the first day without eyedrops for a month! Did you know that you can taste eyedrops (put in your eyes)?? I do not miss that at all. Plus, I still suck at giving myself eyedrops even with all that practice lol.

Head over to Julia's for more crafty peeks : D.


Kathyk said...

If I'm honest, I'm rubbish at putting eyedrops in my own eye too! Hope whatever you are administering them for is improving. Great desk and hoping the cat did no other "damage" on the foray in to your craft space!



Helen said...

eurgh, I am not good with putting things in my eye... that puts me off even more! glad you don't have to use them any more. love the "active" desk!! Helen #1

Sheila H said...

Cats are so sneaky! I don't have pets, but that's what I've heard. 😀
I agree with the eye drops.

dmgarafalo said...

lol - I have had contacts for 50 years - I can put most anything in my eye! Happy to hear your a step closer to feeling better. Those darn cats - I think they are sneakier than kids! hugs, donna #49

LisaDV said...

I used to have contacts (before lasik), so I'm used to things in my eyes. My husband is so fearful of things in his eyes, I have to have my son sit on him and his hands and still it takes several drops to get one in. Luckily it's only happened 2x. Hope whatever you needed the drops for is improved. Blessings, LisaDV #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, that's just weird, tasting the eye drops! Hopefully they've done their job now though. Your expensive high-end photo booth made me laugh!
Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

Kelly said...

Eye drops are nasty! Ear drops have the same effect. Ewww. Hope you're doing better without the eye drops. Lots of goodies on your desk. will pop back later this week for the next edition. Creative Blessings! Kelly #36