Wednesday, February 8, 2017


My desk, to the left photos for a layout I've been puzzling over for about 2 years, in the middle my DIY stamping tool made from a DVD case. The instructional video I watched is here : D. Under that is my fine line markers... mostly browns and blacks in slightly varying widths lol. Then my small Tim Holtz stencils (on a ring).

All because I'm trying to clear this space ... where electronic cutters go... The trick of it is not to just bounce things between the two spaces lol. This might take a while : D. On the very very plus side, I uncovered a die set before it was known to be missing from its proper spot, so panic averted!

Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more crafty peeks!


lilian said...


Yes you sure have a lot to sort out there good luck with that

Lilian B #17

glitterandglue said...

Uh-oh! You have a rather large pile of stuff to sort there - all the best with it!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Julia Dunnit said...

Of the things I never lose, the fineliners are prolly on top of the list....I reach for one or another size every day really. Your scrapbook dilemma is amazing...has it been on your desk all that time? I will take your experienced advice about not bouncing stuff between my two worktops....but I don't know if it'll work....!

lucy Knight said...

Good luck with the tidy up. I had one last year and was lucky to know a few folk who could take things off my hands. Sometimes it's just nice to look at something different for a change instead of the same stuff. Also good for the mojo, too! Thanks for sharing and have a great week - EmbroidRage #8 x

Angela Radford said...

I hate having to sort my space out all I seem to do is move stuff from one space to another Lol! Good luck with the tidying up. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

Sue Jones said...

ha ha well done on finding the lost dies :) always a bonus . Soojay 44

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, your desk is magnificent! You'll probably uncovered lost tribes in there as well as die sets :-D
Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

Lindart said...

I tend to do the back and forth thing too! I have to focus on one thing, like stamps, and put all those away first. Then stamp pads, then . . in the meantime things get shuttled back and forth! Good luck with your organizing! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #45