Monday, March 1, 2010

Traffic Cone Stamp

I used a very very thin thin thin piece of fun foam (I mentioned it was thin didn't I?) to cut the two parts of this traffic cone stamp. This is the super inexpensive fun foam sold in a pack with cardboard in the middle to make keep the stack from going limp in the wrapping. It's barely thicker than the Cricut Stamp sheet and much less dense.

I used the Deep Cut Blade (set at 6), a very new mat to cut the base and layer of the traffic cone in the Disney/Pixar Cars cart. The beauty is with the Mount-It glue you can make stamps that will work with the clear acrylic blocks and store on page protectors, in cd cases, on zip lock bags, etc.
"It's not a party until somone puts a traffic cone on his head" sentiment from Club Scrap Jubilee. The Giant Clam and "party" are from Club Scrap Castaway.