Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pen Holding Bookmark, or Just a Pen Holder

This is a combination Pen Holder and Bookmark made with the Papertrey Ink Bookmark die cut four times. In order to make it long enough to hold a regular pen,. I cut off the tops of all of them, and the bottom of two of them, and stitched them all together.

I sewed two layers of Blanket Stitch Buttons to the undersaide of the top of the book mark. The braid is made with two tones of blue pearl cotton #3. The 6 strands brought up separately through the stitching and braided.

The braid goes between the 2 layers of felt.

The top button is made out of three layers of felt cut with the largest Blanket Stitch Button die. The polar bear is made with Warmest Wishes die cut and stamped Shrinky Dink (punch the button holes before shrinking).

The braid goes down around the book then up through the tab on the bottom. It's only sewn on the bookmark on the sides. The stitching across the top and bottom are just for reinforcement.

 The long braid allows it to be used on a wide variety of  book and notebok sizes.