Wednesday, December 16, 2020



Today's desk is more purging, than creating. Today it's testing all the little ink pads. Today I am just testing them, keeping the inky ones and throwing out the bad 'uns. Yesterday I did all the ink pads in the drawers. The big ink pads on the desk are all current and good. Yes I have a lot of inkpads. Not in the picture is my growing stash of Distress Oxide Inks that are a good substitute for the pigment inks that don't always age well. Except for the pigment inks I use for water colored images.  I am also making a Christmas playlist on Spotify that avoids all the songs that make my teeth grind : D.

Also if you want to sign up for a Year Long Scrapbooking Class called Project Done, here is the link to the information : )

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