Wednesday, April 1, 2020


I am unbelievably joyful that the sun is shining today even if I don't step foot outside : D. I picked up the Tim Holtz mini work surface a while ago and the best thing is that it hold the mini die cutter securely making it so much easier to use it. Working on a few little things here and there, and sorting through some piles that have carbon dating lol. It's a step at a time with lots of breaks for Korean dramas and Animal Crossing when it all gets a bit overwhelming. 

I actually planned to post last week but didn't realize the day until it was Friday. ... All my regular weekly pin points are put aside. It is ironic that if this had happened a year ago, it would not have made a big change in my life.

Apparently we have at least two people who tested positive for Corona in our little town, so whenever possible I have my prescriptions delivered and wipe everything down. I switched to a meal prep delivery system for a few weeks to see if that works. They deliver the sorted by meal ingredients and I do all the cooking. Seemed the safest with all the allergies I have. Hope everyone is doing well. All the deep cleaning is triggering my dust allergies so I keep reminding myself it's dust and allergies : D.

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