Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing with Serenade by Flowerdisco and Friends - Week 2

Hello Everyone! It's week two of Playing with Serenade by Flowerdisco and Friends.  If you are looking for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, please scroll to the previous post :D.

This week I used image number 14, and I went large with a 5 x 7 inch card. The vase image doesn't come with flowers so I added a flower image from Accent Essentials. The card is from an SEI pad, everything else is from my scrapbook, but is mostly various K&Co. papers. I used some gold acrylic metallic paint to make the flower centers. I dipped the end of the paintbrush in the paint to make the center of the smaller flower as I learned on the Aleene's craft show soooo long ago lol. The small blue dots are actually glittered (by the manufacturer).

 Here is what everyone else made!

1. Abby-

2. Agnes-

3. Gaby-

4. Helen-

5. Jessica-

6. Melissa-

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hello everyone!  I'm in between big projects, so you can actually see bits of the workdesk lol. To the right is my Scrapsessories storage unit with the bottle insert. I love this so much! No more stickle burps in the middle of a crucial line (touch wood). The bag of stickles are my duplicates on their way to the storage shoebox where the doubles live.

The bit of blue wool (it's actually wool btw, as I am a spinster with 17 fleeces 3 wheels and I don't put all my roving in one place (moths). And since I decorate spindles, I don't count those either) and the brown rectangle are the cannibalized remains of a contest project that just wasn't up to snuff.... so take 2 is in the works.

The little icon dog stuck to the baby wipes is the negative left from a cut from another project. I use painter's tape to keep the negatives in place and to keep the bits from being lost.

But most of what is on the table is part of my mojo  detection project  or various experiments conducted on wayward scraps.

I practice decoration techniques, test pens and other things on my lists.  Scraps that don't make it into project are likely to be put to use for this. I find if I wait till I have a project, especially with a deadline to do this sort of thing, I don't have that memory muscle thing to help me out lol. I'm testing a new to me glossy finish on the vasey thing, the golden mat is a combination experiment, the black paper scrap is for testing different pens on black. And the pink is something I've been waiting to try to months.  Bragging rights will go to the first person who posts what sort of paint the pink paint is :D.

If you want to see the workspace of lots of other creative people start here!