Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paper Baby Booties

I made this totally nonfunctional baby bootie out of Papertrey Ink Spring Moss cardstock and 2 layers of Glassine from my Dad's stamp collection supplies and stitched together with some handspun 2 ply silk embroidery thread.

It's translucent in certain light.


This is my desk this morning.

This was my desk yesterday for Elizabeth and Bleubeard's T stands for post. What happened in between? I found out I've misplaced a die. I can work in complete chaos, but not when things are misplaced lol.

So my fancrafting has ground to a standstill. (Fancrafting is when fangirling happens in a crafty context). And I've been going hard. During the last week I learned how to stamp backwards, turn a spinner card into a 3D Dome, stitched a Scissor Keeper with handspun, and got to use my favorite terrible pun stamp : D.

The card in the background is from Kara who writes kandrdesigns blog, she had made it as an example of a card for boys, and I told her I (an old woman) loved it too, so she sent it to me : D.

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