Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving! For everyone who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your Thursday was wonderful :D.

I cooked my first full Turkey in 41 years lol. DD was very excited, all her life we've had Large Chickens (we didn't have a working oven and they had to go in a small Nesco Roaster), Turkey Breasts or we've eaten somewhere else. I should mention I earned my Cooking Badge by cooking Thanksgiving Dinner 41 years ago. I was such an overachiever back then lol. Macaroni and cheese would have earned the badge just as well.

Then we went to the movies and saw Tangled which totally rocked :D. We've been every year since DD was about 18 months except for the year she had to be admitted to the hospital for an appendicitis attack only she didn't have an appendix anymore (a lot of gray hairs on that one).

The bad news is the house has been having some issues (boiler stopped generating heat and the kitchen sink simultaneously back up and caused flooding under the refrigerator lol). Fortunately my wonderful BIL helped me figure out how the flooding was occurring (it's a tale for another day lol) and both were relatively inexpensive fixes (but I really could have stocked up on carts with the black Friday sales). Looking on the positive, I came up with a new idea lol (more on that later too!).

I got my replacement Gypsy Wednesday! I'm still linking carts. I'm still trying to find all the carts I squirreled away because I had my first Gypsy lol. I was thinking about getting some of the newer carts (I haven't bought any full-sized carts since Joann's Founder's Day Sale except for the Creative Memories carts which I only "just" ordered).  My Memento (favorite) black dye ink pad is fading from over use and I can't find re-inker anywhere locally so I've been shopping for it online only all these other things keep jumping in the cart and it winds up be wayyyyy too much. But I found it on sale at Joann's and only cost me the Martha Stewart Seasonals Cake cart ($ on sale and the pink ATG (with fifty percent off coupon which wound up being about $15).

I bought DD's big present online on Thanksgiving Day. We didn't go shopping at the stores until 10:30. DD needed new shoes and it belatedly occurred to me Black Friday might be a good day to find them lol. DD found the perfect shoes for $18.25. I missed out on Jolly Holidays online and at the store, but I wound up with Twinkle Toes (I needed a piano, stage curtain and just plain love the dancing fish) and a new coffee maker for $8.88. We also picked up a pair of gloves for the bell-ringer at the front of the store who had left hers at home.