Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let's Get Organized, Organized...

Just so you know I'm singing this to the tune of "Let's Get Physical" as sung by Olivia Newton John. If you aren't old enough to remember it, well, it's probably on youtube, and take this virtual towel to dry off behind your ears, you young whippersnapper lol.

I've been working hard on re-organizing the Craft Room. I have a large piece of heavy-duty plywood held up with two saw-horses and covered with a vinyl tablecloth. The trouble is, the vinyl was too thin (dollarstore) and the saw-horses have a very wide, but stable stance. I found some saw-horses at Sears on sale last year ($12 for two capable of holding 500 pounds). So I cleaned off the table and that's when I realized the new saw-horses are 3 inches taller than the ones I have now. And the ones I have now are exactly the right height to match the work surface the expression is on. And if I use the taller ones, I'm soooo going to look like Edith Ann (reference for younger folk, a Laugh-In 5 year-old character played by Lily Tomlin). So it was a lot of work for keeping it pretty much the same lol.

I did move one saw-horse in so the revolving paint holder can be directly over the saw-horse. And I did replace the dollar store table cloth with some vinyl I bought in the Hobby Lobby home decor fabric section. However, before I thought to take a picture of my new clean work surface, I started a project from Club Scrap (The Academy Club Stamp project to be exact). And while I was waiting for the ink to dry I started sorting through my scrap bin. And then I found a smaller container that was full of cuts I made with my expression, and I was sorting those.

Academy Club Stamp project from Club Scrap.

All those paper cuts were stored in the small metal container to the right. Notice my scrap paper bin aka miscellaneous paper cuts sorting surface is carefully balanced on my craft-cleaning baby wipes. And notice all the space in the table background lol.
But then I remembered DD had found my glass-headed pins. And I transformed my ribbon tree from this . . .

So in summary, new tablecloth, better support to work on, 1 project sorted, 1 boxful of possible embellishments examined, and one very neatly organized ribbon tree.

The ribbon tree is made with a "clock face" from the woody section of a craft store (I think this one is sold at AC Moore and Hobby Lobby). Then I took a long dowel that fit the pre-filled hole in the clock face and stacked ribbons on it.