Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Kitty!

I had to make a door prize for a mother/daughter event, and I was wracking my brain when my talkative cat came in and mewed at me and it hit me, "Hello Kitty"! So I made a picture and a bottle stuffed with Hello Kitty stuff (thank you crafting message board).

It was a snap to design with the Gypsy of course, but the colors were hanging me up. It's fine for me to substitute patterned paper, but I thought true Hello Kitty afficiandos might want more traditional fare. So I took some Club Stamp Basics white cardstock and used ink pads to get the colors I wanted. Ok I did take license with the sun and made the outer bit orange. I had to use terrifically tacky tape on the bottle label due to the heat and humidity. One strip on the top and one on the bottom and it worked like a charm.

I waited until I took the picture to put the glass in to keep the glare at a minimum.

AC Moore used to have a Hello Kitty section that was totally fabu, but not anymore. However, Target had a lot in their dollar section and Michael's had a section ranging from $1 to $5ish. I used a 3-liter bottle I found at a dollar store.

By the way, if you can't find your non-stick work surface, freezer paper makes a pretty durable substitute (as long as you aren't using flames lol) surface that's easy-peasy to clean up for multiple uses.