Wednesday, March 11, 2015


It's been a pretty busy week. The rosette is made with glassine paper. If you want to believe you have sausage fingers, make rosettes with glassine lol. Actually I'm thinking that with string and tiny hole punches it could be roped into compliance more easily. It's for a scrapbook layout I'm not sure if I've finished, all about being cantankerous  as #$@& when I grow up when I want to be : D.

The snowflake was on the floor, discovered when I was looking for one of the letters that drifted off last night. I even turned out the trash bag. On the plus side I did find a tiny transparent stamp on the floor that I had given up on finding months ago. I've also resolved to only use very tiny trash bags next to my workdesk (lest I wind up on hoarders due to fear of accidentally throwing out stamps).

Which ties into my latest obsession. Putting ttransparent stamp sets into Avery Elle bags. One of the benefits when the little ones fall off, they are still in the bag. I have a lot of Papertrey Ink stamps in CD cases. The envelopes take up a lot less space and the CD cases have a little gap where little stamps can easily fall out.

Next project on the agenda, put spring into a jar topper (clear half dome at the back). So the little sheep in the stamp set need to be reverse stamped to make a two-sided image.The snow is finally melting. I can actually see asphalt in 1/4 of the driveway. Only after an ubersnowy winter, am I so excited to see asphalt.

Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more crafty fun : ).

When I grow up, I will be . . .

When I was a child, I was frequently stuffed into tight dresses that didn't allow me to lift my arms. I was frequently told I wasn't allowed to be mad. So now I am grown I am as cantankerous as #$@& when I want to be : D.

The base paper is Anna Griffin the mat is vellum, the "#$@&" and "cantankerous" are  glassine. And there is a lot of stitching with handspun silk embroidery thread. I used the Cricut Explore but there is no way to identify cuts after they are put into a project... so.

Simon Says special lady/girly which is perfect : ).