Wednesday, April 4, 2018


This is a picture I took last night for the first day of  100 days of scrapping. We shall see if this works : D. It is dark now, for the day has been a week long and I would up at Tuesday by the end of it lol. The day started with the idea of getting many things done, but official stuff needed to be done, then a trip to the pharmacy and grocery store. The wind started really gusting (shaking the house and alarming the cat several times). And then my day really turned on its ear when I a heard a child calling for help. The neighbors trampoline was being pushed along, and flipped over on his mother (who was okay), but everyone was in danger of being carried along again. Luckily I have some weight, so I helped them drag it to a tree where it was tied up. I was not planning on going out so had only grabbed a coat and was thoroughly chilled with all my woolens left inside.

 I made this card which I am rather fond of (details in the post below). But I did especially enjoy digging out my bin of decorative scissors and hole punches to use the heart shaped hole punch.

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