Wednesday, December 5, 2018


With the exception of Candy Cane Christmas being put away, my desk looks identical to last week. Most of my crafty doings this week have been knitting, sometimes with Archie Cat on my lap lol. I am a persistent knitter, and usually knit in bits of time. I started this Briochelicious shawl in May 2017. I very rarely knit in the summer. In part because I am easily distracted by crafty things and in part it is just to warm for me to touch in summer. And this year I have zero Christmas Knitting to do, so it's leisurely knitting for myself : D.

Brioche is a lovely soft knit fabric after the fact. But it is fraught with ways to fuck it up lol. In this example I managed a new mistake which created a peep hole. It will bother me, so I am going to fix it the next time it comes by. I did not have enough coffee in me to watch the numerous how to fix brioche mistakes videos on YouTube the first time I saw it lol. Like I said, I am a persistent knitter.

I also started perusing this book. And in addition to instructions on making paint, paper, pigments, and prints... It has ideas for making BRUSHES!! Process crafter me is just giddy : D.

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