Wednesday, February 18, 2015


My dad died a couple of weeks ago. I was able to fly down to see him in January. He gave me a sampling of his stamp supplies. Helping him with his collection when I was a kid is one of the influences on my papercrafting today. He was a stamp (postage) collector for over 70 years. The top layer is glassine which always makes me think of him.. On top is the what I found at the very bottom of my suitcase, a note from the TSA saying they had inspected my bag allllll the way to the bottom layer. Perhaps glassine reflects oddly? It could have been the spindles and wool.

And it's been snowing for a few weeks. Last week I showed you what the end of the drive looked like. This is the backyard with my Shepherd mix bounding in a futile effort to keep out of the snow lol. The pink line is the amount of snow built up on my pots. Spring seems very far away.

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