Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Know You

Outlines Alaphabet from Papertrey Ink with the y tail cut out with a craft knife, stamped along a pencil line (gotta love a good eraser). Stampin' Up Painted Petals flowers stamped on pink patterned paper.The yellow and pink gingham comes from Brenda Walton's Dollhouse scrap pad by K&Compay.


Not much happening on the workdesk today. Because. . .

I keep getting up to hit the ceiling (all the dots) ...

Because the wind damage that happened in January and contractor promised to fix in February is still not fixed and a mother squirrel has started moving her pups in (hence the beating on the ceiling in a futile attempt to persuade them to move out). Due to the special brilliance of the previous owner there is no attic just a small space between roof and the ceiling. So not much crafting. There has been a lot of cussing though.

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