Saturday, September 10, 2022

When I named My Cats Merry, Bright, & Jingle layout


People have certain expectations of my holiday home decor because I named my cats Merry, Bright & Jingle. I used 12 different stamp sets, a couple of dies, Texture Paste, and heat embossing to explain the difference.

The Expectation.

The Reality.

The Humbug makes it Holiday : D.


Dot Labels stamp and die set

Kelly Purkey Simon Exclusive

F Bomb

My Favorite Things

Merry & Bright stamp set

Papertrey Ink

Comic Strip cover die


Jingle All the Way stamp and die set

Lighten Up stamp and die set

O'Tannenbaum stamp set

On My Couch stamp and die set

On My Couch Additions stamp set

On the Wagon stamp and die set

Snowfall Style stencil

Tiny Treats: Christmas stamp set

Tim Holtz 

Alphanumeric die set

1" Alphanumeric die set

Distress Ink

Distress Oxide Ink

Snarky Cat Christmas stamp set

Texture Paste

Watercolor Trees stamp set

Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Desk Pelican is flipped, but slowly but surely a bit of order is happening.

Three of the four outdoor cousins were so hungry they started eating before I was finished pouring. Of course they had been away for three days on their own doing goodness knows what. They are about a month older than their indoor cousins. I believe the mother is a slightly older sister to the two kittens I have. Hoping to get them fixed soon and perhaps in a barn.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021


The current state of the desk. My laptop is elevated for the times I am standing. Still getting used to the smaller desk space, so far nothing has been pushed over the edge and the table on legs does wobble a bit especially as compared to when it was on ultra sturdy saw horses. 


I also changed the orientation of the table 90 degrees. Another shelving system will be arriving this week so there will be more puzzling out new places for things. Then I'll have to go through everything and write down the new locations lol. it is so much easier to get up off the bar stool than my old chair.

The baby kittens are eager to help with chores these days lol.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021



The current state of the workdesk... the table top was cut down from 36" x 60" to 29" x 50" and 34" legs were attached. I am still using the dollar store tablecloth I bought 12 years ago. It's sort of like figuring one of those sliding puzzles. Figuring what to put where. 

Because I have a counter high table I also bought an A-Stand for the computer.

The first of three metal shelves. I bought shelf liners which makes them so much more useful. Plus hooks to keep scissors in plain sight (in theory) and some hanging pockets I didn't need for one of my rolling carts : D. Definitely taking the tortoise approach lol.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021


I am in the process of converting my large piece of plywood sitting on sawhorses to a smaller piece of plywood  sitting on 36 inch table legs. Of course this involved moving practically everything in the craftroom (screaming face emoji). but it is an idea whose time has come lol. In theory it is easier to go across the room and get something if one is already standing up. But I found some free bar stools in case I want to sit down.

Also the baby kittens are gamboling about. Never have I ever before had six kittens. Two 6 month old kittens and 4 almost 4 week old kittens. Fingers crossed I can get the younger kittens into some sort of adoption thing. The two older were supposed to go into foster care/rescue... but I never got a call back so now I guess they are mine.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021



Something a little different on the workdesk today. I am unpicking a cross stitch project. I am not known for immediately diving into a project. So I was so pleased with myself that I opened the mail and started stitching that night. I moved to the desk because I needed better light and a table. I have also been wearing two pairs of glasses at once to see the stitches clearly. Only after about a week, I noticed...


I was stitching everything SIDEWAYS (insert screaming face emoji). So I am reflecting on my impulsiveness as I carefully rip out each stitch with my trusty seam ripper.Counting is usually my nemesis so I was quite happy to have the idea to stitch the large single color areas in alternating 5 stitch grids rather than counting 50 dark stitches in a row.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 On a quest to get some projects done, but first pictures must be found (ugh). Hence the hard drive to the left.


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