Wednesday, April 1, 2020


I am unbelievably joyful that the sun is shining today even if I don't step foot outside : D. I picked up the Tim Holtz mini work surface a while ago and the best thing is that it hold the mini die cutter securely making it so much easier to use it. Working on a few little things here and there, and sorting through some piles that have carbon dating lol. It's a step at a time with lots of breaks for Korean dramas and Animal Crossing when it all gets a bit overwhelming. 

I actually planned to post last week but didn't realize the day until it was Friday. ... All my regular weekly pin points are put aside. It is ironic that if this had happened a year ago, it would not have made a big change in my life.

Apparently we have at least two people who tested positive for Corona in our little town, so whenever possible I have my prescriptions delivered and wipe everything down. I switched to a meal prep delivery system for a few weeks to see if that works. They deliver the sorted by meal ingredients and I do all the cooking. Seemed the safest with all the allergies I have. Hope everyone is doing well. All the deep cleaning is triggering my dust allergies so I keep reminding myself it's dust and allergies : D.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020


The current state of the workdesk, preparing a baby shower gift. Also preparing a new Dungeons and Dragons character : D in between a couple of cloches as one does.

A pair of lime green baby booties with the outlines of a giraffe stitched on each one awaiting final assembly.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020


The current state of my workdesk : D. I spent days looking for this box of Altenew stamps... days.

It was sitting nicely exactly where I had left it, hidden in plain sight.This is why I have multiple projects lol.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


It's been a minute : D. But my desk is still the same-ish. Different project, but some of the same bits and bobs. This is a put aside from my Happy/Magical Poop series. In the end I wound up stitching "Happy Pooping" on perforated paper in a glass enclosed frame, because bathrooms. It was for my friend's son who loves toilet humor. But really, a good poop is such an under-rated good thing. I've also been doing quite a lot of knitting.

I am still quite devastated by the passing of Gertrude, my companion for 11 of her 15-ish years back in August.

I have been shifting from Mother to Crone and it's been a bit awesome overall. Sorting through pretty much everything, but not on the same day, because that is the way of madness lol.

I had a mini-stroke back in November, but had very very very minimal damage. I'm still a big fan of Grumpy, but now with an overwhelming dose of cheerful on top of it. Also a heaping side of "If not now, when."

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Still organizing the house. My current crafty space is me camping on the sofa. My current knitting project, the Dracenfels shawl in its project bag. Camping because

Gertrude is totally freaked out by the noises upstairs. She's great with fireworks and thunderstorms, but not prolonged wind. Nope. Not one bit.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Dreaming of beachy days. The project bag is from Mothy.and.the.Squid who also dyes yarns fabulously. The shawl (Drachenfels by Melanie Berg) is chock full of blissful garter stitch, but lacey stuff is in the next on the list. This was supposed to be my first full sized shawl, but I succumbed to the siren song of all that is WestKnits, and made one totally out of my depth. I am a slow and persistent knitter lol. Also I am reorganizing the entire house, so there is chaos except here in my knitting bag and a few spindles.

About last week, when I said I'm learning to sit in my discomfort, I should have been more specific. I'm learning to just listen to things like other people's anger and pain even though it makes me uncomfortable. I do it so they know they are heard. I was raised with the expectation that people, especially women should make people feel better by saying things like, "it'll be better" or offering "solutions" which can make the people speaking feel shut off and unheard. Just wanting to be clear, I'm not wearing a hair shirt or anything.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Not a lot has been happening at my desk lately, mostly I have been knitting. And surprisingly, I have become a monogamous knitter lol. I finished knitting Briochelicious (but I still have to weave in the ends and block it), then I started a shawl that was above my paygrade, and could not figure out a bit, and since I love the yarn so much (from Wing and a Prayer Farm) I unraveled it and will try again after I gain a bit more lace / keeping count experience. Now I am knitting Drachenfels which has lots and lots of wonderful garter stitch. So the bag has some things that need to be put away, there is also my handy dandy woodburner, some Distress Oxide Inks, Tim Holtz Ideology Roses ready for their project, etc.

Also, there have been some very important conversations on Instagram in the yarn/fiber/knitting/crochet community about the importance of representation and inclusion. It all started when someone wrote a very uninformed post about going to India, and "othered" the shit out of it and the people who live there. When she was called out, she did not take accountability and apologize at first. Her initial response was to become defensive and paint herself as the "victim". People of Color wrote about all the times they have been ignored or worse while participating in yarn stores and other fiber places. Then came the "can't we all knit together" posts and videos or worse the "I am a white supremacist who does stuff with yarn but I'm really vague about so I'll add links to racist videos but still not say the word 'race' ". Even today a prominent knitting supply company asked people to talk about their crafty problems, and then blocked and deleted the comment of a person who said racism in the knitting world.

The book White Fragility (available as real books and digitally) breaks down why these discussions are so hard for so many people. It is a really good read. And there is a workbook by Layla F. Saad called #meandwhitesupremacy which is chock full of good information.

I've learned to sit in my discomfort more comfortably if that makes sense. The biggest roadblock for me to overcome was getting over the "but *I* am not racist" to understanding there is a system of white supremacy in place which is more insidious than burning crosses on lawns. It is all about stifling all discussion that doesn't prop it up. For the sake of brevity, I'll just say we as crafters need to be on the right side of this. We are more likely to twist our ankles when we sweep things under the rug : ). There is room for everyone. We can grow from discomfort. It is a great opportunity, I hope it is not wasted.

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