Wednesday, February 10, 2021



Between projects. Just behind the basket handle is a glimpse of Kitsch Flamingo Distress Glaze : D.That is  [edited To add: a picture of ] my cat Archie taped to my Ott light.

Last week I found out there were kittens living in the basement. It scared the crap out of me because there weren't supposed to be any animals on that side of the door.. I was wondering why there were no mice in the kitchen this winter. I made them a little loft at the top of the stairs. This is them watching me cook lol.I am of course scrapbooking the adventures. The one in the box LOVES polar fleece. When you are a winter kitten in this area, it makes total sense. Keep your fingers crossed I can find a rescue organization for them.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 The state of the desk this morning. Lots going on, the Light Blue thing is a spindle in the making. The tiny piile of yellow by the light green mouse is a paper chain for a layout about the tine I saved Christmas (according to my sister) by making a tree out of construction paper. I am left handed : D. Also an empty teriyaki  bottle now a tip proof dispenser of clean water. The gold disk in front of the light is another spindle in the making. Fingers crossed it will be a fancy one! I may have an ink problem... there are more in drawer and boxes.Tools hanging out like sailors on a ships rigging. It's always a test of gravity around here : D.

 I am really benefiting from Victoria Marie's Project Done (a year long scrapbooking class, a rolling class that can be joined at any time btw). While I do like that sponotaneous creativity that comes from following one's creative nose, I am seeing the benefits of having a loose guideline of direction. For instance I have decided to put all my child's childhood birthday events in a single album.

I am also taking an Altenew Academy class called Background Magic. While it was intended to be for cards, I am having fun with scrapbook pages. I used Altenew Halftone Circles and my Tim Holtz stamping platform for this one stamped three times simply rotating the paper.

Then shifting the paper 1/8" to stamp a fourth time with embossing ink. Then sprinkling some embossing powder across the page (make sure to only heat it from underneath lol).

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021


The state of  the desk this moring, computer closed on the right, headset from a Zoom Crafty session. A spindle needing some paint, a bottle of India ink to open (carefully) and the booties completed : D.

I made a card for a 2 year old with action wobbles. Love how it came out and it's been a minute since I made a card. I used Hero Arts Color Layering Gold Fish that I had never used before and some fabric washi tape I never used before. So I entered it in Simon Says Stamp's Something New Wednesday Challenge.

Close ups of the booties finally finished : D.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Busy desk, lots to do... but apparently most of it will be put aside to work on a two day layout : D. With stamping of an unused stamp that can't linger idly a moment longer though I've had it since August 2010. The paper and flocking (because I had to stamp and glue and flock too) material from the same kit. The subject is only half as old. I spent three hours looking for the stamp set (not from the kit) because I forgot to write down where I put this box. 


 Close up of the Stamping and Flocking. BTW if your flocking has gone clumpy just sift it through a small sieve. : D.

What I should be doing is wrapping Baby Yoda. But I keep admiring the 2020 embellishment I made with Darcie's Stamps Dumpster Fire set.

Also the Slipstravaganza Shawl is finished!

A view of the front and the back. I think I overblocked, but I will live with it for a while : D.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020



Today's desk is more purging, than creating. Today it's testing all the little ink pads. Today I am just testing them, keeping the inky ones and throwing out the bad 'uns. Yesterday I did all the ink pads in the drawers. The big ink pads on the desk are all current and good. Yes I have a lot of inkpads. Not in the picture is my growing stash of Distress Oxide Inks that are a good substitute for the pigment inks that don't always age well. Except for the pigment inks I use for water colored images.  I am also making a Christmas playlist on Spotify that avoids all the songs that make my teeth grind : D.

Also if you want to sign up for a Year Long Scrapbooking Class called Project Done, here is the link to the information : )

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020


The Carnage of last Thursday and Friday is ebbing slowly away. Round 2 is about to start, except I tweaked my back... not enough to completely stop, just enough to be really inconvenient. I also baked bread in my new bread maker. Two loaves were successful, the third I forgot to add the yeast... it was a real standin for things to be catapulted when you want to smash something.

In knitting knews, the knitting portion of the Mystery Knit Along is done. Now I need to weave in some ends and fluff them up with a sharp needle to help the ends stay in place. A tip I learned from an online class taught by Ann Budd. When that is done it needs a nice soak and a blocking : D.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020



The state of the desk lol. I had grand ideas of having everything that needed shipping being shipped by this point. But to quote Little Britain, "The computer says nooooo". So I am trying to catch up.

I am making two December books as gifts. Very simple, plain cardstock cut and punched and some simple embellishments for them to do with as they like or not.  I had a vision of pre-atg the embellishments, but the freezer paper these days is very light on the slick side, so I am throwing in some extra tape. and the rest are in a zip lock.

The Slipstravaganza shawl is 2 rows further than pictured here. and then there is only 900 stitches to bind off! lol

Also I broke out the breadmaker and made myself a loaf of whole wheat bread : D. Which I used to make this delicious grilled cheese sandwich (which is the custom for the first day of snow that sticks to the ground). 

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