Saturday, March 20, 2010

Positive and Negative

The backgrounds are from a very old cut I made on DS before the laptop died. It's made from one cut and two pages of the same paper. The positive cut is glued on one paper. I used painters tape to remove the negative and turn it over to apply glue to the back of it. You can also use the positive image to make a pattern by lightly tracing a pencil as a guide for gluing the negative. To get the full effect, the border of the image has to go over the "cutting" line.

The image I used is from page 37 in Storybook using the accent/frame feature. The seventh image in the third row. The "Positive" title is the base cut from the Opposites Attract cartridge. The shadow was made by making a second cut in a darker paper and gluing the lighter slightly above and to the left of the darker. Rhinestones bling up the i's. The "negative" title is the trapezoid feature in Opposites Attract cartridge. I glued the letters on top of the lighter paper used for positive and cut the shadow to fit.

The journalling is on vellum (not seen here) about how the same thing can be positive and negative. I haven't figured out how I'm going to attach the vellum yet. On the one hand it's done, on the other hand it's not lol.

We have the sounds of little feet in the house again.

I've had one of the best birthday weeks ever (and I've had a few to compare this one with lol), and yesterday my DD gave me a new hamster. Here it is 5:31am and there is a soft whirring of the hamster wheel. Hamsters are exempt from our alphabetic pet naming system, and this little boy is named Neptune. I will take pictures later when he has settled. One thing I've notice right is he just eats the food instead of carrying it away in his pouch. Color me a little older, but happy : ).