Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Accessorize A Birthday Girl

Party Hat: Cut party hat from Elmo's Party cartridge at 6.65" and Tiara from Once Upon A Princess cartridge at 4.29". Assemble the party hat. Cut off base of Tiara leaving 1/4". Apply Tombow adhesive to the 1/4" base of the tiara and let dry till tacky, then attach to bottom of party hat.  Attach small eyelet at both ends of the tiara base and again about halfway to the center. The eyelets insure the tiara stays attached to the hat and a place to string elastic cord so the hat stays on.

Street Sign cartridge was used for the 16's (welded on the Gypsy)  and in slightly varying sizes between 1.25 and 1.50.  Use to embellish the party hat. Large fake jewels embellish the tiara. Attach ribbons to top of hat if desired.

Wand: Cut 3 Crown Tags on French Manor cartridge at 3" high. Cut the design out of one tag and make a cut for the stick in the middle bottom of that tag too. Wrap stick (or three skewers) with ribbon. Glue stick onto one Crown tag. Put thick dimensional dots all around the tag, then put the altered tag in place. When glue is dry, put dimensional dots on the middle tag. Apply glue where stick will go on 3rd tag and place on top of dimensional dots. When dry, add a 16 to each side. Tie a bow with lots of ribbon streamers.