Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW 136 - Wintery Blessings : )

Not much much crafting has been going on this week. I've been working on re-organizing. I'm making a Ginormous Omelet with all the eggs I've broken lol.

 This was all on my craft table yesterday, shoved to the side. I need a sorting hat for all this lol. But since I don't have one, it's slow going. Bookcases have been shuffled and furniture is about to be re-arranged. My Cricut is buried under there except for a bit of the right side. I did find the bone folder I lost last week though :D.

Not pictured, but soon to be featured is an enormous photo box I'm making out of foam core board. When it's done I should be able to photograph double layouts and home decor projects without being at the mercy of the time of day or weather conditions.

And speaking of weather, last year we had a bit more snow than usual (this was taken in December 2010).

This year, we have a lot less. But I'm counting my blessings on the heating bills. If we have much more warmer weather here, we'll be mowing the grass in January lol. It's supposed to be a lot colder tomorrow and over the weekend.