Monday, June 23, 2014

Tea Stands for Tuesday

I finally had a beverage, some down time and a camera so I can do a Tea Stands for Tuesday with my friend Elizabeth.  I love iced tea (plain tea, no sugar which has now become unsweetened tea in most restaurants). And when my $1's worth is done, I use the insulated cup for water for the rest of the day, especially in the summer.  I was raised on sweet tea, but it's just too sweet for me now.

I am trying to carve a stamp out of a new to me material (clear) that is labelled easy to carve. Erasers are easy to carve (the little pink rectangle which I made into a mouse stamp in about 5 minutes. The clear stuff I'm carving on my crafty cutting board so I don't gauge my nonstick mat and I've been at it for over 45 minutes and only carved about a sixth but safety first : ).