Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WOYWW 90 - Out for a Spin

Hello, my name is Ohhh Snap, and I'm a craftoholic. I haven't been doing much in my craftroom this week, but I've been doing a bit of spindle spinning. And for the record, I am a spinster. I am not a spinner, there is no stationary bicycle in my home, and no lycra in my wardrobe. I am the only spinster in my spinning guild btw, everyone else shudders at the word spinster. The three spindles on the left are Journey Wheel Spindles and they are a engineering dream. The two on the right I made with wooden toy wheels and dowels. They are very portable and decorated for fun.

My two current favorites. On the left a Journey Wheel Spindle made of holly wood with, I believe, alpaca. On the right another Journey Wheel Spindle made of moose horn with natural flax tow roving being spun. There's a method to winding hurdy gurdy, if the thread breaks it's more difficult to find if you've wound your thread on in neat concentric rows :D.

Some of my mini-skeins. On the top is a single ply silk (spun on a Lendrum Spinning Wheel), a 2 ply tencel/wool blend that is dreamy, and on the bottom is a single ply linen (spun from bleached flax tow roving).

My little bag of embroidery thread experiments. I like to ply threads against themselves, white, gray and black and sometimes other colors to see how they work when sewn.

If you are wondering what is the WOYWW, or if you are interested in having a lovely snoop at other people's workdesks, or even better joining in, head over to Ms. Dunnit's Stamping Ground :D