Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WOYWW 87, some redos and don'ts

I'm shuffling some things on my desk and took some pictures as I went :D. The first don't, don't use Chalkboard Paint on nonstick work space... it sticks and is the dickens to get off. 

I adore the itop snap series, but the snap daddies are difficult to find and shipping costs push them into true luxury items. On a hunch I scouted these out at my local Joann's and (although you can only see the top of it, they fit. So if I buy them on sale or with a coupon I have options for snappy happiness for less money :D. 

Under the snap package is one of my little experiments with photographs. The punch that did not want to work at all with the cardstock last week, worked wonderfully with photopaper. It was also good for stamping and using my small collection of copic markers. I've never used the Glossy Paper, so I have no basis for comparing photograph paper to it.

My favorite Marshmallow Glimmermist clogged in the middle of a project with a deadline, what's a crafter to do? Mini mister to the rescue (it really needs a little super-hero cape). I just poured some of the glimmer mist into the mini mister and spritzed away.

In general I was really happy with the snowman I made from homemade boxes, except the top lid was creeping over his eyes, so I cut it shorter with a pair of scissors. I also hotglued some sticks for arms which will have mittens on them. I'm thinking I'll also add a little stickles to the scarf and the snowflakes.

My second redo is a scrapbook layout I just wasn't happy with, so it had a major facelift. I added stamping to the background (a compass rose from a stamp set I had close to hand, I will try to look up the brand later).  I added a pocket for extra journaling. I just used those tags to illustrate the pocket. I think I'm going to use a larger tag with a close up of different aspects of the photograph, like the sister on the right looking like she's plotting to breakout, the sister on the left holding her hat for dear life and me (in the middle) looking like popeye. I made the layout for a challenge and it had to have butterflies on it.  There are four sisters in our family but the youngest wasn't born yet so I put the little butterfly without any holes as a representation of her.

The butterflies didn't cut out completely, but I decided to use that as part of the design taking out some of the cutouts.

I've been sooooooooooo good about not buying paper, but I caved when I saw this stack and it was 50% off. Some of the images are "iced".

Thanks for having a gander! If you'd like to see more work desks or better yet join in the fun hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground.