Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOYWW 182 - Still out to sea.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Time for some WOYWW, thanks to Julia at The Stamping Ground.Snap a picture of your own and join in the fun if you've the inclination : D.

The bit of purple fun foam is a very low tech means of marking the middle of a whorl at regularish intervals. I made it back in 1998 and it still works well, though it is a bit grimy. The file is to open the holes in the wooden wheels so they can be spindle whorls. I think the bobby pins were left by my daughter when she was foraging for supplies. Or the bobby pin fairy has been at work. The whorls will become top-whorl spindles once a bit of dowel is added.

The tiny drill I use (with a pin-vise? from the hobby store).

I'm not sure if it's from the residue of the sea-themed bead swap, but these four separately spun (on spindles) remind me of the sea, so I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with them. Trying to find the fiber I used for each one so I can figure out quantity and project size. Sometimes a serendipitous approach makes a lot of work lol.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WOYWW 181 - Something beady :D

Happy Wednesday everyone :D. I'm getting ready to assemble some spindles (for yarn/thread). The narwhal is a leftover (painted with a puddle of Pumice Stone Distress Ink spritzed with water). The beads still haven't been put away lol. The pink thing is a brad-setter/paper piercer combo tool.

This is the beaded charm I made for the swap. Freshwater pearls, an aquamarine bead, dark blue rondelles and some seed beads. The ends of the longer pieces have spiral ends. I was tickled pink to find some K&Co. paper that picked up the colors of the charm.

 A better view of the coiled bit at the end of the longer pieces.

If you are wondering what's all this WOYWW then, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a gander. Better yet, snap a picture of your crafty space and join in the fun :D.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Merry Kiss-mas Gift Box.

(Glue dries clear. It keeps yarn/thread from unraveling.)

(paper, ribbon, and embellishment are all from the December 2011 Club Ruby Designers' kit).
Paper Mache box.
Acrylic Paint.
Patterned paper.
Drawer Knob.
Artificial Mistletoe.
Sparkly yarn/thread.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Not very much on my workdesk. I had a bead swap (which I can't reveal yet), but I was playing around and made these. Love freshwater pearls.

I haven't posted much lately because I've been ... well would you believe walking (and dancing) and trying not to dance while I'm walking (okay I did break out po-going the other day much to my daughter's mortification and my surprise) lol. I swear I've dropped 2 shirt sizes in the last month, tee-shirts have become tunics. Unexpected music found me and it's all I can do to sit still. Here are some examples  :D.




And my favorite band, BIGBANG.

If you are wondering what's all this WOYWW, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a gander. Better yet, snap a pic and show us your work space :D.