Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brown Paper Package, Stitched Up with Twine

A fun way to wrap a small gift in an unconventional manner.

Using the star die from Papertrey Inks Quick Stitch kit: Beaded Holiday, I cut two layers of plain brown wrapping paper. I stitched about half way before putting in the pendant using Rustic Twine. Leave enough tail at the starting point to tie a bow. I used a stamped from the Make It Market Co mini kit: Holiday Pin Ups in Pure Poppy ink.

A close up of the pendant, a favorite purse project stitched entirely with French Knots and Cotswold Knots so it was easy to pick up again, like painting with knots.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I bought a Papertrey Ink planner (the binder version), and it started on Sunday so I'm getting in the habit of it even before the New Year begins lol. I've tried note books, but I do better with a bona fide planner. In the back are some of the letters I made with my new Type Strip stamp set and die.  I think these will get a lot of use, and they are great for that creative down time, just stamp up a bunch and run them through the die cutter. The red cord enables me to recharge my iPad whilst crafting happily away. The dies on the left (and the little yellow fun foam stamp) are from Papertrey Ink's Come All Ye Faithful. You see, I've started working on my Christmas gifts for next year (and when they are done they get written down in the planner (who it is for and where it is stored).  This year might be very productive lol.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Stamps and dies to be put away before the next flurry of crafting. Feeling optimistic everything will get done or rather what needs to be done is done : D.

Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and a lovely day to all who don't.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's a Snowy World

It's the Snowman and his companion made with Shrinky Dink again. Only this time they are in a winter dome filled with the Faux Snow from Papertrey Ink, with a tree made from one of the dies from the Make It Market Co. Kit: Tinsel and Tags (cut 3 times, cut off the tree, score them in half and glue together) and the House from the Trimmings kit.

I'm loving these little wide mouth jars.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pen Holding Bookmark, or Just a Pen Holder

This is a combination Pen Holder and Bookmark made with the Papertrey Ink Bookmark die cut four times. In order to make it long enough to hold a regular pen,. I cut off the tops of all of them, and the bottom of two of them, and stitched them all together.

I sewed two layers of Blanket Stitch Buttons to the undersaide of the top of the book mark. The braid is made with two tones of blue pearl cotton #3. The 6 strands brought up separately through the stitching and braided.

The braid goes between the 2 layers of felt.

The top button is made out of three layers of felt cut with the largest Blanket Stitch Button die. The polar bear is made with Warmest Wishes die cut and stamped Shrinky Dink (punch the button holes before shrinking).

The braid goes down around the book then up through the tab on the bottom. It's only sewn on the bookmark on the sides. The stitching across the top and bottom are just for reinforcement.

 The long braid allows it to be used on a wide variety of  book and notebok sizes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Handle with Care

A plain knit scarf (hot pink with sparkles in the yarn), with an error made an epiphany in care instructions.

After I had stamped the tag (from Make It Market: Tinsel & Tags), I got ink on the top of the tag. Short on time, I thought to cover the mistake with leftover yarn. Then I realized it's a great way for the recipient to keep track of which care instructions go with each gift.


There's a clearing for the next set of projects. Actually it's the next step in a production of 5. I feel like I'm keeping my head above water this crafting season, as long as I can keep moving lol.

If you are doing anything that requires a care label, attach a little of the material it is made from to it to make it easy for the recipient to remember what the instructions are for : D.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Back to Dome Work, a smattering of dies and the first steps in the first of the Christmas Note books, pretty much all the same.

This dome is featuring The Snowman and his faithful companion (the dies are from Crafter's Companion). The house, tree and base are all from Papertrey Ink's Tinsel & Tag kit.

 The all the pages are stamped with this monocled fellow and "I say Old Bean" or "Jolly Well Done" all from My Kind of Guy from Waltzingmouse Stamps.

I have some stitching going on and the knitting to block and stitch up, so I'm feeling totally elvish (though not at all in  Tolkien sort of way lol).

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Tis the time for Christmas Knitting. This one is mindless, so I knit whilst at our Thanksgiving Movie (The Good Dinosaur), and can watch my favorite Korean Dramas (Oh My Ghost, She Was Pretty and Oh My Venus) guilt free.

But I've also been working on a few other things. I made earrings with The Snowman die (out of Shrinky Dink).

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