Wednesday, January 22, 2020


It's been a minute : D. But my desk is still the same-ish. Different project, but some of the same bits and bobs. This is a put aside from my Happy/Magical Poop series. In the end I wound up stitching "Happy Pooping" on perforated paper in a glass enclosed frame, because bathrooms. It was for my friend's son who loves toilet humor. But really, a good poop is such an under-rated good thing. I've also been doing quite a lot of knitting.

I am still quite devastated by the passing of Gertrude, my companion for 11 of her 15-ish years back in August.

I have been shifting from Mother to Crone and it's been a bit awesome overall. Sorting through pretty much everything, but not on the same day, because that is the way of madness lol.

I had a mini-stroke back in November, but had very very very minimal damage. I'm still a big fan of Grumpy, but now with an overwhelming dose of cheerful on top of it. Also a heaping side of "If not now, when."

So head over to Julia's Stamping-Ground for more crafty goings on. : D