Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WOYWW 165, miscellaneous organization

This is a wall never before seen on WOYWW lol. It's still in a state of reorganization. Basically I've come to see that having my large desk jammed in corner only made it harder to set up properly. So I switched the side table that was by the door (now on the right of the picture) with the desk.

One thing about my house is that there is only one interior door with a functioning doorknob. Only two interior doors in the house HAVE doorknobs. This door had a very sturdy sliding bolt as a closing mechanism (on the inside only) and a drawer pull. I took off the sliding bolt lest someone lock themselves in with my craft supplies lol.

Also in view is one of my Eiffel Tower lamps. The photo box really is not dangling precariously off the edge of the desk, it just photographed that way. Once that surface is put away it will become my sewing/felting embellishment desk. The devices on top of the tv help my little near 25 year old tv get the digital broadcasts (the lengths I go to to avoid getting cable lol). I have been watching a lot of Olympics this year, I'm thinking it's because Enfys posts all these interesting teasers on facebook lol.

 Some of the goodies I brought back from my sister's house (have I mentioned how awesome it is to have a crafty sister?). Yes I now have FOUR distress ink markers and some scrap dots to play with. The polaroid frames are amazing, they have the color and texture of the real McCoy.

The protractor stamped on my miscellaneous image page. This book saves me a lot of flipping through all the stamps sets to find out which one had the image in question. I find the image I'm thinking of, and then start flipping through all the stamps sets to find a particular set. It really is much faster :D.

The stamp put back on the acetate and the identification written in Sharpie.

If you are wondering what's all this WOYWW business, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a gander. Better yet, join in the fun and share a picture of your workspace.