Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOYWW and guest star autograph

I'm putting together a set of cards from a kit purchased from HSN at least a year ago. It's sort of fun, but I'm missing the heck out of my still broken Gypsy. Provocraft sent a shipping label and it's on it's way to be replaced by a new one with the same serial number (so I can re-link all the cartridges). I've also been working on Christmas balls decorated with papercrafting materials (coming soon to a post near you) which you can see a bit of at the top of the picture. They are along the lines of the Harvest ornament in the post below this one, except for the one with buttons lol.

But when I get a little down about my gypsy being out of commission I just look at ...

my Tim Holtz autographed copy of Papercrafts I won :D. I don't really keep it on my workdesk, but I thought you all would appreciate it and not say "Tim Who?" and I would have to reply "He's like a Crafting Super Hero", like I do in my regular life (except for my oldest younger sister who was very very excited).

If you are curious about WOYWW (what's on your workdesk? wednesday) hop over to Julia Dunnit's Stamp Ground blog and have a gander at an assortment of workdesks or even join in the fun :D.