Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stitched Ornament (a small study in contrast)

I love experimenting in contrasts. In this case, glassine from my late father's stamp collection (postage) cut with Papertrey Ink's Stitched Ornaments: Topped dies and stitched together with Rustic Twine. I also love that the twine is the support for the structure, and how the very opaque and sturdy rustic twine contrasts against the translucent, and fragile glassine.

It does take a bit of concentration to make sure the stitching is done slowly and deliberately. It helps to use a rounded tip needle too. Projects like this one which require and slow and deliberate pace create a meditative space for me. And the crinkle of the glassine reminds me of my father turning the pages in his many stamp albums (a sheet of glassine between each page of stamps). In many ways, one of my first introductions to paper crafting.