Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 The state of my desk this morning. A Grumpy Journal in the foreground, and proof that I succombed once again to the siren song of a new Tim Holtz color. This time it's Crackling Campfire (swoon emoji). 

The big news is that I finally finished this filet crochet of Dionysus with all the ends woven in and blocked. I finished the crochet part in 1979, and learned how to do it from a book (Reader's Digest Guide to Needlework long before the internet was a household thing), but didn't really get the whole end weaving and blocking thing. I managed not to lose it through 12 or so moves. It was crocheted out of actual thread because I had real vision back then. So the finished piece is new and vintage at the same time lol.

For more  crafty peeks go to Julia's Stamping Ground : D.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


I succumbed to the siren song of Speckled Egg, and couldn't find ink pads anywhere, so ordered the whole thing. So now I have two Speckled Egg Distress Glaze, but I'm not worried about that. A few weeks ago I discovered the Distress Markers had gone away. And when I got this I think the Distress Stains with a dauber have gone away as well.

But today most of the crafty related action is outside. I had a pile of yarn that was dusty, so I have been giving the skeins a bath and then dry them outside. Also washed the last of my shawls. The towel is drying because I used it to get water out of the shawl lol. And to the right is my solar cooker. Only the last two times it has failed me. I think the reflective surface needs a good buffing.

Drying hack, use the silver side of the tarp and knit wear (or crochet wear) dries in a jiffy.

This is what it looks like when I am winding a skein and I go in the wrong direction and have to unwind everything lol. The knitty noddy is the stick like thing on top of my tea cup pot (which needs a plant in it). The bag in the chair is a gorgeous brown fleece that needs washing. And just through the chair you can see Archie Cat.

Archie has been enjoying the days on the porch. He is a 15 year old toothless mouser, who has bigger dreams now of squirrels and chipmunks lol. Since fall is approaching, they are busy gathering the acorns in front of the house and run along the porch just on the other side of the screen. Archie is not a fan of screens. Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more crafty peeks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


I have been looking for my Altenew Watercolors for a few months. And Monday I found them. Right where I had been looking : I. It has done a lot to restore my crafty mojo if for no other reason, I don't keep looping I'd think I'll use my new paints! I can't find them. Hunt for paints. Leave craftroom.

I also finished my Radiate Shawl (designed by WestKnits). Because as I have gotten older, I now believe it's not finished until it's wet washed and blocked. I block on a flat surface for the record, this is just the glamour shot : D.

Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more crafty peeks : D.