Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 Does any one know if all these titles apply to just one person?

You might have read my post a couple of weeks ago about buying an iPad (mostly for crafting purposes). But it has also allowed me to achieve a dream I've had for over 30 years, immediate, 24 hour access to Philip Miller's Gardener's Dictionary (8th edition, 1768). I used to drive over an hour to pour over an original from opening to closing. The real-life edition is a 3 volume set, each volume is about 4 inches thick, 13 inches tall and about 10 inches wide.

I spent more than a day trying to figure it out (it is a BIG ASS file) how to store it on my iPad rather than having to download it from the Adobe Reader every time. It even baffled the folks at the genius bar for a while lol. Crafty time has been a bit minimal for actual activity due to a variety of factors including joining a gym.

When I was at physical therapy for 2.5 months this summer for tendinitis I was told that building up muscles will help the tendons. All the incentive I needed. Just behind the first picture you can see the leftovers from Stamp-a-faire back in the end of August. So I can watch my crafting videos whilst getting cardio lol.

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