Wednesday, October 19, 2016


 Sample, sample, sample, sample. Pulling out all sorts of green for another stationery set. This time I'm working off the wedding invitation.

 I went to the New York Sheep and Wool Show in Rhinebeck where I met this little guy (a young alpaca I believe).

I bought 3 silk caps for spinning (I'll be writing a post about it soon). They are a lot shinier than they look in this picture though.

 It was crowded. I met people from all across the country. The person pushing the stroller is the end of the line for some very yummy falafels being sold under that tent in the background. I stood in line for 45 minutes. It was worth it. 

Then I needed a little space, and I found it. Monty Python fans may recognize this as "A Larch" : D.

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