Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mini Banners as Home Decor

I love banners, but a full-size banner is not always practical. Mini-Banners can add a festive touch without the need for space that full-sized banner requires.

They can add fun to the refrigerator with clip on magnets.

Or to the table with this homemade set of banner holders, made with two large toy wooden wheels (2.5"), some marbles and some dowels cut into 7" lengths.  Tall enough to be decorative, short enough to be be seen over, and open enough for children to see through. I painted on sealer, then white acrylic paint, then more sealer. I'm going to try spray paint for the next batch.

I added all the marbled and then the glass drops so the banner holders would be resistant to tipping. Gorilla glue worked well to attach the marbles and glass drops.

The tops are made with eyehooks screwed into the dowel and then the open side of the eye hook gently twisted to the side to make an open hook.