Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Now that I have my Papertrey Ink stamps sorted, it's on to the notebook (because it's easier to see the images all stamped, then pulling the set out of the basket and squinting at them lol). Most of the stamp sets have handy dandy tips, so I write those on the back (again because it's easier). And it does wonders for my mojo and usually I have to stop and make something.

The teapot is still naked. It's on my desk because it belongs to my friend who wanted a tea cozy for Christmas (in 2015 mind you). And I said I've been studying tea cozies, I've got this in the bag. . . . So basically it's a big old lesson in humility lol. But I've moved on to a new idea for a pattern, well two thanks to Julia and LLJ : D. My friend has a great sense of humor so I think she'll appreciate the latter especially.

I nearly forgot, the day after I was thinking the grass really needed mowing, and I saw birds busy putting on shows and the frogs were singing in the nearby creek, I woke up to snow.

Which inspired me to make this card.

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