Wednesday, January 31, 2018


All progress on my Pirate Automata has been covered by the return of traveling crafting transportation devices (bags lol). Yesterday I went to my sister's house and we made 15 cards. She was mostly the selector and eyes and I was mostly the hands. I dropped the very last inner sentiment stamp, so I resorted to the old cover it with patterned paper and stamp it again trick lol.

So today I'll be putting everything back in it's proper place.

I made this fun hat with a Freia Fibers super bulky yarn called Dirty Hippie and a pattern called Pompom and Tuft. Once I figured out the tuft stitch, it was a super fast knit (less than a day). Whilst I was trying to figure out the tuft stitch, the temperature was ranging from 15F to -6F... now that it's finished it's been well above. So I need to find a hat pattern for more temperate cold weather lol. The tuft stitch was not so much difficult as it was just so different from my moderate range of knit stitches experience it simply did not compute for about a month lol. The pompom is removable for easy cleaning which is just brilliant. But without the pompom I feel I am channeling Venus of Willendorf, so I am team PomPom all the way lol.

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