Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Blog, It's Blog, It's Better than Bad, It's Good

I confess, that's pure Ren & Stimpy "Log" song with a B added (there are lots of examples of the Log song on YouTube BTW should you not be familiar with it or just want to see it again).

Blogging is natural, Blogging is good, not everyone but does it, but everybody should. (Paraphasing of a George Michael song, with blogging as a substitute word lol).

I was deeply honored to be the recipient of not one but three Beautiful Blogger awards (Thank you Pam aka BugBytes and FlowerDisco and Audrey Frelx. I'm still wrestling with how to post said awards on my blog. I start out trying to figure it out, then I get distracted by widgets and reading blogs, then an hour has gone by and still no clue as to how to post the awards. But you will note, I still don't have a photo or an avatar either.

However, I did find a totally FABU search button from the widgets. I haven't given up on posting the blog awards, just letting you know which bumps throw me offtrack for a while.