Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Card

I'm just tickled pink with this card, even though the only pink things are the little flowers on the cake. DD's friend is studying French and liked my Eiffel Tower cards so I used one of the stamps I made out of the Cricut Stamp Sheets with a pale lilac (also used to ink the edge of the mat). The stamps are from Stampin Up's Bon Moments that I just got yesterday in the mail and I used colored pencils to color in the cake. Oh yes, the cake is raised up from the card with my brand new Dimension Dots (?) from SU.

It took about 10 minutes from blank yellow card to finished. Faster than a trip to the store : ).

I was starting to wonder if it was possible to cut stamps with the Gypsy (no speed control), and then it happened. Brand new mat, deep blade housing (4.5), pressure 4, speed set to 1 (it seems to slow it down a little bit).

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