Saturday, January 9, 2010

Endcap problems for the Gypsy

I never used the endcap feature of any of the carts that have them until I got my Gypsy. I could *not* figure out how to put a space between words because on the Gypsy, at least on my Gypsy, the endcap space doesn't cut. The paper above and below spaces the 2 top cuts are completely uncut.

These cuts are not pretty, nor is the scan, but it was fast lol. The two top endcap cuts with with a space were cut with the Gypsy. Thanks to TheBugBytes posting a link to the end cap video from Tammy of the Calendar Girls about endcap font. I started wondering if this could be a Gypsy problem. So I dug out my Mickey Font cart and tried cutting with a space right from the cart, and it worked perfectly.

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem or if it exists in other endcap fonts. I've only tried Plantin Schoolbook and Mickey Font.


Marilyn623 said...

I am not too proficient in my gypsy yet...but what is an end cap, please? Thanks!

Ohhh Snap said...

Endcap fonts are found in specific Cricut cartridges, and make a cut above and below each font character with a specific cut to choose at the beginning and end. So the words will be cut inside a retangular shape.

There are endcap fonts on Hannah Montana, Plantin Schoolbook and the Mickey & Friends. If you watch Tammy's video in the link above it will show you how the endcap feature works using only the cartridge. It works a little differently in the Gypsy in that you do not weld the characters together like you can with other types of fonts.