Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Put a New Skew on Your Embellishments

Hello everyone! It's time for my guest spot at TheBugBytes :D. I recently discovered my skew button on the Gypsy and what fun I've been having (okay maybe I need to get out a little more, but I sure am having fun in my craftroom).

Basically the skew button can be used to make awesome shadows out of die cuts that don't have awesome shadows. Or if you want an oval and all you have are circles, but today it's about adding a shadow. The shadows can also be used as a journaling mat, but this time it's just decoration.
And it's easy peasy (lemon squeezy). For this embellishment I used the monster from B is for Boy and put two base images and one layer on the screen. Than I highlighted one base image and turned the skew button to -130 and then rotated to 30.00. The rotating just made it easier to cut and have the pattern cut in the direction I felt the shadow should be.
And the monster's eyes are customized to match the shadow. This is also easy peasy (lemon squeezy).
All you need are some clear plastic domes (aka skittles). I found these in the candle department at Michael's and it's a large bag for about $6.00, and I think I used a coupon. They are labelled Decorative Accents. To make customized eyes, just use a regular hole punch and cut out some holes saving the little circles. These fit under the skittles perfectly. 

Then just use a black marker or Sharpie in the little bubble at the bottom.

Put a drop of Glossy Accents or other clear drying glue on the circle than pop the flat side of the skittle on top of the circle and let dry. Of course you can also make them without the dots for regular embellishing.


Zue said...

Hi. Sounds like incredibly good fun.

I don't have any of the things you mention apart from Glossy Accents. I like GA..very useful.

You can do both...go out some and make art some!!

Sue xxxxxxxx

Maria said...

I don't think I've ever even noticed the skew button before. What an awesome new trick!

Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, I've never used the Skew button for a project, whenever I tumbled on it, it was by accident and had to straigthen out my image; I'll have to play around with it more!

TFS, girlfriend!

Michele Kovack said...

This is so stinking cute!

Stacy said...

This is such a good idea, I love it.
I will definatly be trying this
Thanks for sharing

DonnaMundinger said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!! Love the shadow you made and the fabby eyes! Darling! xxD

Linda Kaiser said...

Great idea! I have never used the skew button and thanks for sharing!