Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Cut, Two Cards

Today is my day to be the guest designer at The Bug Bytes :D.  I love using PaperLayerz by Megan Elizabeth with my Cricut (it cuts like butter!).  I made these two cards with one cut. The first one is the "offical" cut (the snowflake using the silhouette feature on the Damask Decor cartridge).

The second cart is made from what was left on the mat, framed by a mat made from what was left on the paper. Stickles were used on both :D. And the card bases are made from Stampers Select White cardstock from Papertrey Ink. 

There are nine 4 inch squares on one side of Paper Layerz and a full sheet of a complementary color on the other. This is one of my favorites, All Stressed Out.
But if you have an E2, the best way to line the cuts up with the colors is to use the Gypsy. I made a 4 inch grid on the first layer (which is visible all the time) and then hide all the other layers so there is no confusion about what cut is going where. It is a good idea though to triple check the paper and the Gypsy are facing the same direction.

After the cuts are made, carefully lift the paper off the mat and set it aside, it still has use, which I'll show you in a minute. The cuts I'm working with today are the Silhouette Feature on Damask Decor. These are cut at less than 4 inches. I forgot to change my cutting blade, but they still turned out pretty well.

The silhouette cut is on the right, on the left is what was left over after the silhouette cut was carefully removed (sometimes it helps to use a paper piercer to make sure small pieces stay on the Cricut mat. I cut a mat from what was left on the paper and put it on the Cricut mat.

I took a piece of co-coordinating paper and cut it about the size of the mat, then I put glue on the paper left on the Cricut mat and set the co-coordinating paper face down on top of the glue. Wait a little while and then carefully remove everything from the Cricut mat. You want to have an idea of the backing papers before you start cutting because you don't want to leave the "leftovers" on the Cricut mat too long (the mat adhesive starts to stick more).

Here are all 6 cuts and their leftovers made useful, and all at under 4 inches each :D.  Two cards down, ten to go lol.


Carolyn/MamaC said...

How clever! What a great use of those beautiful images!

papillon digital design said...

That's a great idea and such a time saver! TFS