Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WOYWW 196 and Gertrude's Devil Bowl

Front and center, an actual VHS tape (Handspinning Advanced Techniques by Mabel Ross). Two out of three DVD players bit the dust, fortunately I have a stash of crafty VHS to watch. Just behind it are my two Papertrey Ink ink pads (Ocean Tides and Kraft). They are sort of yin or yang shaped, so the larger side can be used for inking large areas and the pointy bit for getting in the small places. On the other side is part of my freshwater pearls stash. Seriously, I'm addicted to them. The zip bags in the front contain some of my larger PTI dies. I've decided if I keep them there, I'm more motivated to find a better storage solution for them. On the other hand, when they are out, I use them more.

I'm sometimes accused of hoarding because I save odd junk mail and all my PTI packaging, but it's really a useful craft source. And if you don't believe me, you can see it for yourself in this blog post about 25 Creative and Frugal Supplies for Mixed Media from Cloth, Paper, Scissors lol. They didn't specifically include one of my favorites though, which is those subscription cards in magazines which look so different when they are cut.

 This card was made a while ago with second-hand materials and a sharpie.

And a PSA for anyone whose dog is a food gulper. Instead of the fancy $30 dollar specialty bowls designed to slow their eating, I found a $2.79 double bowl turned upside down works really well. This one has a ridge in the middle to really put the brakes on by rocking and turning as she eats. My dog thinks this is the devil's doing, but she is no longer in danger of getting bloat from eating too quickly.

Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more crafty goodness on desks around the world! Better yet, snap a picture of your own crafty space and join in the fun : D.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It was good to see you. I've not been able to catch up much since I was offline most of February.

All I have to say is, I'm glad I have a cat instead of a dog (grin)!

Heathers Inspiration said...

I Love your Idea with the food bowl,
our Poppy eats too quickly so must try this out x
Have a Great creative week
Happy WOYWW Heather #59

fairy thoughts said...

your title really got my interest and it took me a while to work it out (I'm a bit slow sometimes) I have to persuade my dog to eat at all so I dont get that problem. Love the card the balloon does look very different, sometimes it is easier to just buy stuff without think about what we have to habnd for free I will look at thngs differently this week.... but dont tell the handymanhe thnks I already hoard too much already
thanks for sharing and have a good week
janet #43

ria gall said...

a great desk with some lovely bits on it, I think we all look at the packaging on things differently and include it somewhere in our makes it is so much fun
Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
Ria #39

Laura said...

Great idea with the food bowl even if you are not being thanked by your waggy friend
Happy Wednesday

Karen said...

Packaging is always worth looking at twice!! Love the bowl idea, wonder if it works with cats? Happy WOYWW! Karen 87 x

Nan G said...

Well I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't save packaging. :o I just don't have the room to store nor would I know how to sort/organize it. Yes I'm OCD. Gorgeous dog, good luck with feeding solution. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

Katie said...

Cute card! And spinning is fun :) I've had a couple of lessons (a long time ago). Another tip I'll make to people with dogs that eat too fast is spreading food out in a cupcake pan :) It works well for some dogs.

Katie (114)

Anonymous said...

Hi found you via WOYWW. What a clever idea for an anxious-eater dog bowl. My dog eats like there's no tomorrow and that should slow him down. Happy Sunday!