Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It has a ring to it orrrrrrrr what I was doing when I was supposed to be running errands

I usually hate going out. So I try to minimize the number of times I need to do that. So I write lists of things I want to accomplish when I'm out. I'm looking for a dowel that is the size of a size 7 ring and I thought I know I'll wrap wire around the ring mandrel then I can slide it over the dowels. And then I had these two sharp ends sticking out. Since that wouldn't do, I took my round-nose pliers to them and the image of a heart jumped into my head. I have to say it's comfortable and kind of cute. I see presents : D. And it's not even October!

I still haven't made it out yet, but my list is made, coupons are clipped and my dowel sizing device aka cute ring is made and convenient to carry : D. Now I just have to take a shower and dress to go out to run those errands.

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