Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Leftovers from the two engagement cards I made Monday. I used 6 stamp sets lol. And then spilled embossing powder over the set in the back. Just so you know embossing powder loves to stick on uncovered polymer stamps. I used two sets of dies to make the pop-up features. You can read all the details in the post below this one if you are interested : D. 

edited to add: The embossing powder washes off in running water.

Now I'm getting ready for Papertrey Ink's Stamp-a-faire on the 29th. It's free and there is a lot of inspiration should you be looking for something to do that day : D. Head over to Julia's Stamping Ground for a peek at more crafty spaces.


April said...

Great cards! Have fun with Stampafaire. :-)
April #40

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those are gorgeous cards. They were all beautiful. I had NO idea EP sticks to those clear stamps. Just ANOTHER reason why I'm not fond of them.

Before you ask, there's still no news about the package. Happy WOYWW from #2, because technically, it's still Tuesday in my world.

Sue Jones said...

Lovely cards. I always manage to make a mess with embossing powder! Glad you got iot off. Have a lovely week. Soojay 23

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my gosh! Embossing powder accident! EEK! I spilled EP all over my lap once and yelled until hubby came. I suggested he get the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum it off. I thought it would be a pain to get off the rough weave fabric of my chair or the shag carpet so I didn't want to just stand up and dump it. He dutifully vacuumed me off but it tickled sooo much! I just keep laughing and laughing and then he was laughing too. And people wonder why I'm not a big fan of EP! Pretty cards! Nifty pop up feature. I had a good laugh at your comment that scissors love to have little meetings! I suspect they are plotting our undoing! Judy #50

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh WHEW what a relief to know it rinses off :) That pop up part is so cool for the inside :) Thanks for the earlier visit. ~Stacy #52

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah spillage, that is my speciality too!! Well done on clean up and all those cards, beautiful contrasts in them, happy belated WOYWW ... And thanks for popping over last week sorry running late from then,
Shaz in Oz,x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Lindart said...

oooh! I love your cards! Wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog! Lindart #50

Laura (Bookworm) said...

What fun and adorable cards! I love the heart trees. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your visit. ~ Laura

Lisca said...

Oh dear! EP everywhere! What a disaster. Thanks for telling us that it washed off.
Have a great week,
Sorry I'm late in commenting,

Kim said...

Great cards! I hate when I spill'd think it was worth a king's ransom,even though the jar is probably 3 years old, and still hasn't run out! Glad you got the stamps cleaned; I have a few sets that have become decidedly un-staticy.
Thanks for stopping by; have a great weekend.
-K #54

Annie Claxton said...

heheheh I discovered that embossing powder sticks to cats too - but they don't like being run under cold water. I wash my clear stamps in warm soapy water and they come up as sticky as new. Your cards are really gorgeous, have fun at Stamp-a-faire :o) Annie C #48

Beverley Baird said...

Such lovely cards! (Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful weekend)

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, these are fabulous!

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier, my hand's much better now thanks.
Love those cards in your earlier posts.
have a good week
Bishopsmate #48