Thursday, February 23, 2017

Experimental Stitching

I got to pull out my purse project container while my car was being serviced. I had this bit of perforated paper that I had spritzed with dylusions ink.

The thread is a ply of unknown naturally colored gray wool (probably romney) plied against a ply of white corriedale (from a Ewe named Eugenia).

And I have to say as I've gotten older, it's become much more difficult to thread a needle. I've spent as long as 20 minutes on a bad day. But this beauty is thread in 3 seconds at most. It's called a Spiral Eye Side Threading Needle and can be found at (no affliation or anything, just thrilled to bits).

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3 Happy Crafters said...

Yes! Thanks for the info on these needles!! They will make perfect gifts for my mom and MIL for Mother's Day this year. Especially if I can pair them with a felt needle book, ala Erin Lincoln! :) I need to check out the rest of your blog ... you're a wealth of crafty knowledge! :)