Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOYWW 208 - Celebrating 4 years of peekiness

Not only did I not dismantle the tower of stamps, I added packages of stickers to the top of  it.  I've been sorting things around my craft table for an upcoming garage sale. This is no easy feat, because I usually waffle about each and every thing I put in the garage sale boxes (plural!). I see the bin in the back is really starting to topple. Note to self, start there fast lol. Fortunately ATCs take up little space, so I have one ready to go : D.

If you are wondering what's all this WOYWW?, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a gander. Better yet, snap a picture and share your crafty space : D.


Elizabeth said...

Hello there, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Not that does look precarious. Good luck with the sort out but I think I know the difficulty you must be having sorting stuff out - I'd waver over what to keep and what must go too :)) Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

Jackie said...

Love the tower of stamps!!!!!
Difficult what to get rid of isn't it
Happy 4th anniversary
Jackie 5

Krisha said...

Oh I have such a problem with letting go of my craft stash, then something snaps and away it gos.
Good luck with the shuffle
Krisha #140

Francesca said...

We have all been there. Mine is abount the same this week. Happy 4th. Francecsa #31

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Garage sales are very time consuming. No wonder you were so late getting here this week. I hope you got to that pile before it tumbled out of camera view.

Happy WOYWW4 from #17.

Helen said...

Great tower, hope it won't topple anytime soon... Happy (late!) WOYWW Helen, 38

Neet said...

Why do we crafters clear out and then buy ore to fill up again. Just put a massive pile of stuff in my craft tote to get rid of but somehow no more room in my studio as a result?
Thanks for visiting me - Hugs, Neet xx 1

voodoo vixen said...

Yikes... yes you have a mountain about to take a tumble there! LOL If you are anything like me... as soon as I get rid of it I need it/find a really good use for it/see someone using it and think poop!
I'm the twit that through piles of brand new empty cd cases out only to then see everyone using them for stamp storage!! ;) Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW4 to you! Annette #2

JoelMcBride said...

Precarious tower, indeed! Don't sneeze too hard! I left you an email as I am your ATC recipient..yay!

Diane said...

So many stamps!!!
Hope thegarage sale goes well.
Diane 53

Unknown said...

The tower looks rather precarious!! Hope it doesn't topple :-)

Ailsa #173

Dori said...

Impressive tower!

Dori said...

Oops, keep forgetting to sign off. Dori179

SueH said...

I’m sorry to be late in visiting but I’m now on day four of my quest to get round everyone this week. I know it’s going to take some time, but I wanted to say that it’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

I’m loving your stamp tower, but I bet the stamp you want to use is always at the bottom! Good luck the garage sale.

Enjoy your weekly snoop, especially as we’re celebrating WOYWW’s 4th Anniversary
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

April said...

Now that is what I'm talking about! What a creative desk. April #125