Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW 209 - whadda week

My craftdesk is still covered, so I used our new to this house kitchen table : D. One of my sisters and I swapped tables, always an adventure, mine required the removal of a door and the dismantling of the table to get it out. Now I know why it came with the house lol. I only got to make one thing this week, as I'm up to my ears in sorting and lots of life chaos (have I mentioned I aspire to boring?). This is my first attempt at Chinese-style Brush Painting. I needed a thank you card for my child's private lesson music teacher, and he likes goldfish.

Five years ago I bought this kit from BJ's (a wholesale shopping club), it came with a booklet (which I've been reading for 5 years). The need for a thank you card prodded me into action. That "rule" about if you haven't used it in 6 months, get rid of it is terrifying to me lol. Sometimes it takes me 10 years just to work my way up to trying something. I use the guideline, do I really see myself using this, and I have actually moved things along after as little as 3 months if I couldn't see it. No crafting rules for me, just guidelines.

The two sticks on the right are handles for the brush heads. The black rectangle at the top is a ink grinder/mixer, put in a little water then rub the ink stick (black stick next to brush handles) in the circle.

I probably had way too much delight in the miniature water pot and ladle (the pot is a little bigger than a quarter, but hey, one must find joy where one can right? The ladle serves up smaller amounts of water than can be poured (according to the literature, and I think it's correct). : D

If you are wondering what's all this WOYWW, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a gander. Better yet, snap a picture of your workspace and join in the fun.


Ginny said...

Your card looks great. I love love the idea of no rules just guidelines. Forgot to look at my number for WOYWW but that is where I am visting from Nice to meet you.

Belinda said...

I love it! I like the color and the simplicity.

I think I am a kit hoarder. I like buying them but never manage to get around to trying them out.

You know I have an origami kit I bought at Barnes and Nobles that is collecting dust. Just might have to make it happen!

Have a blessed day!
Belinda (#88)

ria gall said...

oh wow you have just blown my 6 month rule right out the door. You were meant to keep this because you had a thank you card to make for the music teacher! well done you it is a great card, lovely colours
Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
Ria #39

Julia Dunnit said...

I seriously think your five years of walking around the kit and reading the booklet have been worthwhile. My problem is that now you have to give the card away! See, all the things you like about it - the teeny bits, fill me with fear..sausage fingers!

Jean said...

Oh, I love the kit! So yummy. Your painting came out lovely, so I hope you're planning lots more!

Anonymous said...

I love your illustration and I want that beautiful kit that you have there ;)

Have a greta day!

VonnyK said...

Your goldfish is beautiful and I would kill for a brush set like that. They look superb. Keep using it.
Have a great week.
Von #14

April said...

I know when I get rid of things I haven't used - I then need them within 2 weeks of having gotten rid of them. lol I really like how your fish turned out. April #137

Darnell said...

Oh, dear me, reading the instruction book for five years flies in the face of my "LITS" (life is too short) rule of thumb, doesn't it! But no matter, you used it and that's what counts. And you got great delight out of it, too! Well done!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Darnell (I'm just visiting this week, so no no.)

Eliza said...

I used to move all the time and everything had to be on inventory so if you didn't use it in 3 months then it had to go. Now I have been in the same place for over 23 years and I am loving the keep it forever rule. So good for you, lovely fish, great painting, I am sure the teacher thought it was fantastic.

Eliza & Yoda 18